Mini Game Review: Wizard’s Choice (Chapter 6)


Update (8/11/13): Guess what people, the Wizard Choice walkthroughs are now available! Follow the links below:


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Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 2

Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 3

Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 4

Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 5

Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 6



Well people all good thing come to an end, but why must it be Wizard Choice this time. Yes sadly chapter 6 wraps up this ‘choose your own adventure’ book series, oh well it was a nice run. So let’s recap (SPOILERS): our wizden warrior just defeated a mighty dragon, expelled a demon and saved his one, true, love in the process. However he was sent to the underworld for his trouble, now he has to figure out how to escape a dimension full of demons and other horrors with his soul intact. Like the previous chapters the wizard (our character) has the Health, Mana, & Morale stats (Gold was removed after ch.3 and let’s face it, it wouldn’t do much good in a demonic land). If your health or morale was reduced to zero then you would lose; however in this final chapter even reducing your Mana to zero marks your end. It doesn’t help that ch.6 is also the toughest of the chapters (not the longest but still…), the choices you’ll have to make won’t be easy to figure out and will hit your stats twice in most incorrect cases. Never the less it follows the Wizard’s Choice brand excellently (you’ll never guess the direction you’ll end up this time) and ends the series well with a very satisfying ending. Once again if you played ch.1 through 5 I strongly recommend downloading this chapter on your available  (free on Windows phones) device today!  Thank you Sam Landstrom for doing the classic RPG books proud by making available for today’s media, now get to work on Wizard’s Choice 2.