Game Review – Dead Island: Riptide



Hey people the weather is finally starting to warm up and before you know it summer will be here – time to go on vacation. Somewhere in the tropics, get some sun, see some sights, and of course fight for your life against the zombies. That’s right its Dead Island time again with their new game/sequel called Riptide. This game takes place right after the first one where Logan Carter, Sam B, Xian Mei, and Purna escape the undead filled island of Banoi with an NPC islander. However instead of safety and freedom the four get locked up by the military and experimented on. There they meet another immune (people immune to the zombie plague) & new playable character John Morgan as they discovered the ship’s crew is nearly all converted to zombies. Once again the main cast must work together to survive and thus they begin a new adventure.



Like the first game, Dead Island: Riptide is as close to an offline MMO or light MMO as a console game could get. Your characters in themselves are classes; some are better at tanking and drawing fire, while others good at DPS and backstabs. Your weapons are standard zombie killing fare (guns, bombs, conventional and unconventional) but they differ from weak gray to rare orange in grade quality. The zombies themselves range from fast to slow as the standard, but from time to time players will go against elite zombies that are tougher, stronger, faster, and/or attack from a distance. The locations of the game encourage exploration and treasure hunting, some of the best stuff can only be found in the most dangerous areas. Speaking of which, other NPC survivors you’ll meet will often give you quest to do. If you do them they’ll reward you with special items or services that will make zombie slaying much easier to do.  Finally if you played the first game you can take that character data and import it to this one, a definite plus for Dead Island veterans.






The Dead Island series has always been a slow paced, thinking man’s zombie survivor game. Sure hitting them in the head is always good, but here it will take some doing just for them to stay down. Your play style, weapons, and co-op friends (yes that feature make a return here too) will dictate how much fun and how far you’ll get. Players and play this game solo but I don’t recommend it, Riptide is a huge game with most of it chock full of zombies that want to eat your face. Since the difficulty has been raised since the first game most of a solo play through will be spent dying or grinding one zombie at a time – and that’s no fun. That being said it could be easier to find a co-op game without people leaving it just because or won’t play it right because they’re jagoffs (but I suppose that not the game’s fault). Other than some random glitching and character models that look like mash potato pudding, Dead Island: Riptide is an excellent follow up to the first game. It’s not really doing anything new, but you know the old saying: if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.