Trailer–Rama Week (PartDeux): Thor: The Dark World


After the stellar success of the Avengers, Marvel/Disney is now moving on to ‘phase two’ which means for us more awesome movies to look forward to. We already saw Iron Man put down terrorists and a corrupt corporation all at the same time in Iron Man 3, but in Thor: The Dark World the son of Odin will have his hands full as well. A new threat from a realm called Svartalfheim now seeks to return the universe to darkness – starting with Earth. Their leader, Malekith, is so powerful that the forces of Asgard may not be able to stand against him and his armies. In order to protect Asgard, Midgard (Earth), and the universe itself; Thor must risk all that is precious to him and beat this apocalyptic army one way or another.   Thor: The Dark World comes into the light on November 8, 2013.







Trailer–Rama Week (Part Deux): The Lone Ranger


Ok real talk people, when the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie came out I didn’t really give it a chance. I mean who cared about pirates anyway, and its non-cartoon movie made by Disney – pass. However thanks to Kingdom Hearts (seriously – long story) I saw that the movie had some potential so I went to see it and never looked back. So when I saw this trailer for the Lone Ranger (also staring Johnny Depp) and saw this too was being made by Disney, I said to myself “Yeah I’m going see this on general principle”. Like Pirates, Lone Ranger will be a light flick that will be a fun for all ages; but still have moments of suspense, drama, and dark humor that sets it apart from a fluffier affair. See it for nothing else but Johnny Depp trying to play as a spiritual guide with a paper machete eagle on his head. The Lone Ranger will premier on July 3 2013.







Trailer-Rama Week (Part Deux): Pacific Rim


I said it before and I’ll say it again: giant robots + aliens = awesome! Pacific Rim is only two month away people, only two months to away.





Trailer-Rama Week (Part Deux): R.I.P.D.


You know; I don’t care if R.I.P.D. is like M.I.B. but with gun slinging ghosts, I don’t care if the story is not the most original idea to shake from the pipes. This movie is going to have wild and crazy visuals, hi actions, one-liners, and stars (in part) James Hong – the voice actor of voice actors baby. A story about a newly deceased cop, who gets recruited into the undead law enforcement group R.I.P.D., he must work with an eccentric partner to put down ‘deados’ who won’t let a thing like dying stop them from living their lives. Of course that leads to an end of the world scenario where the heroes risk life and limb (again) to set things right. Ok so maybe the story is a tad bit more original than I gave it credit for, in fact the only downside I can see is we got to wait until July 19 before we have a chance to watch it. I know, while we wait let’s see if you can name James Hong’s best role, the answer may surprise you.




Trailer-Rama Week (Part Deux): Man of Steel


I love it people, I mean video games are my thing in life but I love all forms of entertainment (as long as it’s good). And movies have been great this year, sure they’re always some stinkers but on the whole they were worth the money to see them – and the hits keep on coming. So once again I have to devote a whole week to the awesome movies that are coming our way because they to be watched – starting with Superman.

Oh I’m sorry, the ‘Man of Steel’, because rumor is that they won’t call Superman ‘superman’ in the movie once, which make no sense. Outside of that I think the movie is going to be a smash hit, especially compared to Superman Returns which, in my opinion, was the worst Superman flick to be put on the silver screen.  Since the movie will be opening on June 14 and I’ve already shown my fair share of the Man of Steel trailers I’ll only say one more thing: KNEEL!!!!!1!1!




Game Preview – Rayman Legends Challenges App


People there are demos and then there is the Rayman Legends Challenges App, which is like a super demo. How so? Well for one thing you can play in more than one stage (shocking I know). Another thing is that you can actually do a little bit of stuff that you can do in the full game (collect hidden items, unlock different characters, etc) without annoying limitations. But what really sets this bad boy apart is the fact it includes daily (and weekly) challenges to test your mettle with, like how far can you fall without dying or how fast can you collect lums (the de facto coins in the game) before the wall of fire toasts you. And your score is compared against all other players who play the app worldwide. Can you beat that guy from the Philippines or will you be stuck chasing his shadow (or rather his track ghost). Each challenge you dominate will raise your awesome rank and open up even more challenges to dominate. Bottom line, Rayman Legends Challenges App is probably the best demo I’ve ever played, so when the full game comes out in a few months, look out. We might have another contender for game of the year.





Game Preview – Fuse



Ok people Fuse aka Overstrike aka Insomniac Games next title will be premiering to the masses next week, so in order to get ready for it download the demo for the game now. It’s a short one stage (if that) play through that skips story cut scenes, but it does the job of familiarizing yourself with the character’s personalities and the abilities they bring to the team of Overstrike 9. Dalton is the tank and with his Magshield gun he can absorb bullets and projectiles and shoot them right back.  Izzy is both healer (with med beacons) and controller (by crystallizing enemies with the shattergun)maker her double threat. Jacob Kimble is long range chaos incarnate, liquifying punks through crossbow cross hairs or with traps.  And  Naya Deveraux is just plain scary with a gun that cause mini black holes and give her the ability to cloak and tear through enemies like napkins. Fuse isn’t a original title but has the potential to be a very fun one thanks to Insomniac Games’ humorous writing and the ability of co-op play.