Mini Game Review: Power Rangers Legends

power rangers legends

So people, when I saw this app game advertised I thought: “Yeah! This is going to awesome!” but in playing this game on my iPad I said to myself: “Yeah! This kind of sucks!” Oh sure the game looks good and the music is halfway decent but that’s about it people. Power Ranger Legends is a complete letdown in almost every way. First the game is nothing more than a Infinity Blade palette swap; meaning one-on-one fights using your finger to attack and parry the enemy, buying items to improve overall combat, and using super moves and combos to lay down some smack. However the different is that Legends sucks; parrying’s a joke, the items are ineffective, and enemies are really, really, cheap. Wait! There’s more! The ‘legends’ in Power Rangers Legends only add up to three rangers (Tommy, Kimberly, and Emily), three rangers don’t equal Legends Saban – you could have at least make it five rangers to pick from. The main bosses are even worse; sure they got the all-powerful Lord Zedd, but Master Xandred and Trakeena (whose’s not available yet)? No one cares about them! Give me the machine empire or Ransik, heck even Lothor would have been better than those two nuggets. Finally the game tended to crash on me during loading so just the ability to keep playing was a chore. If I even had to pay one cent for this atrocity to power rangers I would have given it an epic fail, but since it was free and only time was lost a very generous fail will do.







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