Mini Game Review: Rockpocalypse

wwe rockpocalypse

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery; well if that’s the case then Infinity Blade is flattered beyond recognition because I have another game biting of their style. This time it’s from the good people of the world wrestling entertainment federation and stars Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. So what do you do if people all across a movie studio suddenly and inexplicably turn into YouTube commenters, er I mean, rage filled thugs out of blood? Well if you’re the Rock you beat sense into them with wrestling moves, blunt objects, and of course pie. But unlike Power Rangers Legends, which was terrible, Rockpocalypse is not so bad. Swiping attacks is fluid and responsive, quick time attacks (which activate the slams and signature moves) are easy to do but are still challenging on tougher opponents. Weapons and armor (which is mostly t-shirts, jeans, and boots) actually make noticeable improvements to the Rocks offensive and defense abilities. You can’t block with the rock, but the touch swipe controls and opponent tells allows for decent parries that will leave enemies open for further smack downs. Finally the game is free which is a define plus. The game would have earned a pass on those merits alone, but the game plays sluggishly for anything less than the top of the line tablets and smartphones. Can’t even download it for first gen tech so it loses points for that; but never the less as Infinity Blade offshoots go Rockpocalypse does the medium with respect – if you smell what the rock is cooking. 







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