Game Preview – Fuse



Ok people Fuse aka Overstrike aka Insomniac Games next title will be premiering to the masses next week, so in order to get ready for it download the demo for the game now. It’s a short one stage (if that) play through that skips story cut scenes, but it does the job of familiarizing yourself with the character’s personalities and the abilities they bring to the team of Overstrike 9. Dalton is the tank and with his Magshield gun he can absorb bullets and projectiles and shoot them right back.  Izzy is both healer (with med beacons) and controller (by crystallizing enemies with the shattergun)maker her double threat. Jacob Kimble is long range chaos incarnate, liquifying punks through crossbow cross hairs or with traps.  And  Naya Deveraux is just plain scary with a gun that cause mini black holes and give her the ability to cloak and tear through enemies like napkins. Fuse isn’t a original title but has the potential to be a very fun one thanks to Insomniac Games’ humorous writing and the ability of co-op play.







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