Mini Game Review: Dust 514



This one hurts deep, so I’ll make this quick like pulling out a broken tooth: Dust 514 is a bad game. Remember all, some odd years ago I said that Dust 514 was going to be better than sliced bread and going to finally bridge PC & consoles gamers together by working in tandem with the popular sci-fi economic MMO EVE Online? Well in reality it’s nothing but a paint by the numbers battlefield-clone with some slight sci-fi thrown it. And you know what; I wouldn’t mind that so much if they didn’t break the game with the addition of one irritating feature: finite gear. See, someone at CCP decide that buy weapons, armors, items, and upgrades once would be too easy and not a pain at all. So they made sure that you have to keep buying (with in game currency called isk) the gear you like by making the gear you equip on your character be destroyed every time you died. So players will have to keep bulk stocking gear just to keep competitive and if you run out of a certain item or money you’re out of luck. Never mind having to buy better gear as you level and vehicles (such as they are) are far too expensive and drive as well as drunken bull. And sure you can acquire special ‘blueprint’ gear that will let you equip gear without the fear of losing it – buuuuuut you have to buy them with real money (or be extremely lucky to get it for free). Now I’d had my issues with Baseball Superstars 2013 but at least buying items in that game only made it easier and not bring the game to freak par to the competition. *Sigh* this game is a disappointment of the highest caliber and the only reason it doesn’t get an epic fail is that I didn’t pay money for this turd. R.I.P. Dust 514, you were a great idea, poorly executed.









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