Mini Game Review: Fuse



Insomniac Games, the maker of such series as Ratchet & Clank (which I’ve always enjoyed) and Resistance (which… well I’ve always found kinda boring), has brought to us ‘Fuse’ a co-op game that has good challenge but can beaten very quickly. Players can take on the role of one of four overstrike agents:  Dalton (tank), Izzy (Medic), Kimble (Sniper), and Naya (Spy) each with special skills needed to take on legions of enemies they will be facing. And what are they fighting over, why a very powerful but unstable element that can turn anything it bonds with into a weapon of mass destruction (by the by it’s called Fuse, hence the title). Fortunately the agents have fuse weapons that can block attacks, melt enemies, freeze them in crystals, and send them in another dimension. Sadly your opponents over time will get fuse too, and cause you a world of hurt at times. Fuse is a great arcade game, made for the consoles; the main characters are good and work well enough off each other (well mostly Dalton and Kimble). The basic enemies are pretty standard, the mini-bosses are tough (but not too tough), and the Boss are unique enough to mix up the fights. The weapons are standard fair but have enough variety to tailor to your tastes and the Fuse weapons are class specific but are versatile once fully upgraded. Also like an arcade game however, you can plow through this in good afternoon. The truly dedicated can upgrade all the agents, find all the secret intel files, and five star all the echelon (horde mode) stages in a short amount of time. Like I said I liked Fuse but I just wished there was more to do, my advice: try before you buy.












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