E3 Picks – Ryse: Son of Rome


Well people, E3 maybe done and gone for another year but here at the Armada, we’re still are sorting through the games we saw at the show.   Fortunately we’ve got our favorites all ready to list to you fine people throughout the rest of the month and some of July. So no time like the present, let’s talk about Ryse: Son of Rome. While at first it seems like a realistic God of War clone (when all said & done it might be that at the end), but as the trailer when on I saw some things that actually stands this game apart. For one, players can lead an squad /army against enemies; no longer do you have to take the fight all by yourself when you have Rome’s finest to aid your battles against the Barbarian hordes. Another thing is that the main character has a more efficient fighting style than Kratos, using a well-balanced sword & board technique he easily dispatched  opponents with slashes, bashes, and finish moves. Finally as an Xbox exclusive this game can make full use of voice commands and smart glass to make every battle epic. They say all roads lead to Rome, well I think Ryse: Son of Rome will lead players to the Xbox One for a romp of slaughter and bloodshed (especially since PS4 lost its advantage) .





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