Mini Product Placement – Logitech ultra-thin iPad keyboard case

Logitech ultrathin


I would highly recommend this keyboard cover for folks using an iPad. I recently made a concerted effort to reduce the amount of weight I was carrying, decided to invest in a lighter keyboard cover. Found this product. Love it, I like the stylish aluminum that matches my native iPad, the front keyboard bezel was also available in colors, completing the look. This keyboard cover is not just looks, but also function. The keyboard is very important to me, for fast typing, even with long nails, I need to be able to have the comfort and accuracy of a laptop keyboard, this keyboard provides it for me. Also the keyboard rarely requires a charge and when it does, the keyboard connects through a USB to a PC/laptop and charges the included rechargeable battery very quickly and the charge lasts and lasts. Finally the protection, I now have confidence, if i carry my iPad to the office, in my purse, to a convention, to a class or just on my porch, I have the protection and the ability to convert to a viewing slant that allows me to comfortably go from out of my bag, to capturing or viewing every online meeting, video or taking quick notes, Go for it, I think you will like it too.


—-  Blu







Highly recommend this Keyboard Cover!!!  


What’s great about it: Light weight, protective, tactile keyboard, quick charge, provides full tilt view

What’s not so great: haven’t found a down side, it s bit pricey, but worth it


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