Mini Game Review: Deadpool (the Game)




Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope you all are having a good time. Me? I’m having a blast thanks to Deadpool and his game entitled ‘Deadpool’ by High Moon Studios. See, the game itself is a straight forward, action beat’em up (a la God of War), that any veteran gamer could destroy in a couple of hours. What sets this game apart from the rabble is of course Deadpool, that insanely hilarious mutate (not mutant, mutate) can turn the game on its ear by what he says, what he does, or both. Sure as the player we can ‘control’ Deadpool, but can Deadpool really be controlled – the answer is no, and that just fine. Other X-men related characters do make an appearance but only as the butt of Deadpool’s jokes and the butts (Rogue, Domino, etc) he gets the ogle over. Don’t let the superhero tights fool you, this game is not for kids; there is a lot of blood, colorful language, and dismemberment to be had here (but it’s tastefully done – at least to Deadpool standards). This game is not deep and has very little story to speak of, however it is fun, fun, fun!



Never mind the times the game takes in unexpected turn to crazy town just to keep you on your toes; you’ll never be bored because the ‘merc with the mouth’ is always on, even as you hack away your 70 bazillionth enemy. Like I said before the game’s not perfect: despite the in woven comedy it’s still a standard action title and it does have some programming hiccups (see here) but those few and far between. There are challenge modes but even they are beaten easily once you get into the groove of them. At the end of the day Deadpool the game, starting Deadpool is one great example why I love video games so much: crazy off the nut characters doing awesome things to save the world – or whatever. It’s good to have serious stories in video games, but they are becoming the majority these days. So when games like this comes around and are actually entertaining and funny it’s a real treat. I just wish it was longer and open world like the Saint Row series… Hey now, there’s an idea! Deadpool-Saints Row team up game, I’d buy it! High Moon, Deep Silver Volition, get to work on that.






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