Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 3

wizard choice volume-3 pic


So now the enemy has been found and they’re planning to invade the Ring City with demons, the undead, and who knows what else. What’s more the followers of temple of Alathia, basically evil slayers, has been slaughtered save for one: the paladin Narissa. So now it’s one solider of light and a wizard to save a city. Can you do? What will you sacrifice to stop the Children of Nerul? Let’s find out.




  • Blast Curtain
  • Fight Undead
  • Firebolt & dagger
  • Follow slower
  • Charm
  • Stay put
  • Convince
  • Apologize
  • Retreat
  • Run for Shrine
  • Fire
  • Try to capture
  • Charm
  • Swordsmen
  • Pretend
  • Fight w/ Dagger
  • Kill
  • Keep the light
  • Ask them
  • Delvach the Chaotic
  • Stay in
  • Follow
  • Search for Key
  • Press & wait
  • Attack
  • Featherfall then flamefan (try saying that three times fast)
  • Take
  • Attack
  • Lightning
  • Door
  • Plead
  • Prepare
  • Delvach the Chaotic
  • Love of Narissa
  • Ally
  • Feed
  • Throw head






  1. […] Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 3 […]

  2. […] Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 3 […]

  3. […] Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 3 […]

  4. Thanks for the walkthrough, but I found a better way to do it. Instead of following Narissa slowly, sprint after her, then use charm. This will save you some life and five you more morale. Later, instead of apologizing, put your hand on her shoulder for an extra morale. With the extra life from earlier, when you get to the harpies, you can rescue the man for morale in exchange of the extra life from earlier. All of these steps will get you 5? extra morale, giving you enough points for the highest score.

    • Excellent Maxwell C, our guides are just that: guides – to help fellow players through tougher parts of these text adventures. If you our anyone find a way to not only survive but earn the high score then by all means post them here. Everyone loves being the baddest player around.

  5. Do not feed last time! Since you don’t need it and it gives +3 morale!

  6. Highest rank achievement
    Wizard choice 3
    1200 score
    Note: your love of narrissa is what keeps your soul intact in the end,….so to achieve highest rank, your objective is to protect her and have her back throughout this chapter…..at the same time keeping morale as high as possible,….upon completion you are rewarded +23 life, and only +3 morale,….so its best to expend your mana protecting narrissa, and boosting morale….and worry little about losing life points,……here goes 1200 rank walkthrough…

    -POINT OUT (saves 2 mana from start)
    -sprint after
    -lightning bolt
    -help defend
    -hand on shoulder
    -try to capture
    -keep light
    -D the C
    -stay in light
    -press and wait
    -prepare to attack
    -take amulets
    -go through door
    -prepare to turn
    -D the C
    -throw head

    LIFE: 28 (+23)
    MORALE: 40 (+3)

    All-Powerful, Lord of Night!!
    Score: 1200!!!!!!!!!!

    • Thank you Nick, and more than a few players will be thanking you too for this I’m sure.

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