Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 4



It’s seems things keep going bad to worst for our hero the wizard; he, with the paladin Narissa, was able to stop the evil cultists ‘Children of Nerul’ from destroying Ring City. However in doing so both you and she got turned into demon infused vampires. So not only have you become one of the monsters you’ve been fighting before, and the demon inside you wants nothing more but to take control of you, but if anyone finds out you’re a vampire you’re good as gone thanks to a legion of elves who’ve come into play (yeah where were you guys in volume 3?). Take heart all, there’s a chance, a small chance, you can be cure but it involved dealing with a sorceress so powerful she makes you look like a Harry Potter (oh yeah, I when there). One way or another you have no choice but to move forward.




  • Invisible
  • Keep following
  • Charm
  • Disguise
  • Find someone else
  • Initiate conversation
  • I have a message
  • Make her a vamp
  • Call Mallezus
  • Allow Thantos control
  • Charm
  • Knock & make something up
  • Wit
  • Do not attack
  • Insist he leave
  • Set up ambush
  • Submerge in water
  • Flamefan
  • Kill him quickly
  • Only one of you
  • Continue to walk
  • Flatter her
  • Her appearance
  • Her figure
  • Clarify your threat
  • Go with them
  • For passion
  • Convince them
  • Take Narissa by the hand
  • Follow Narissa
  • Do not tell her
  • Retreat
  • Sleep under the mud
  • Wait and Watch
  • Straight attack
  • Fight
  • Help Narissa
  • Lighting Bolt
  • Lighting Bolt





  1. […] Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 4 […]

  2. […] Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 4 […]

  3. […] Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 4 […]

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