Mini Game Review: Pikmin 3


You know I kind of feel bad that I’m making this review a mini, but there no getting around the fact that Pikmin 3 is very similar, if not the same as the previous games in the series. Three new miniature main characters lead the game this time around as they search planets in their solar system for new sources of food because their planet is running out (which consideration their size is a pretty incredible feat). Their search lead them to planet  PNF-404, or the Pikmin planet, and of course hi jinx ensues, the crew gets separated and they must find each other, find food, and not die – all with the help of those multicolored wonders: the Pikmin.  Like previous games the Pikmin need the outer space leaders to do much of anything: to fight, to collect things, to breed (you know what I mean!), etc. In return the Pikmin help the space people survive.  Also, like previous games each Pikmin has a special ability or immunity (fire resistance, electricity conductive, swimming, etc) and new Pikmin join the fray like my new favorite the Rock Pikmin; which can break through hard objects and cause extra damage to enemies when thrown like, well like rocks. Of course once the space explorers find each other they can work together or separate to multitask (although what you can do is limited without constant supervision). All this stuff is known and expected of a Pikmin title, however despite the ‘next verse, same as the first’ game style of Pikmin3 everything about those familiar qualities is general improved. The game is fun, challenging, looks great, and gives people a better idea what the Wii U is capable of in proper hands. Even when you get done with the story, you can try the challenge modes (collecting food & battling enemies) and even challenge a friend with some VS action.   My only compliant is that this is one of the very few games that can’t be enhanced of the Wii U pad, you’ll have an easier time with the Wii mote for sure. Never the less Pikmin 3, for as cute and harmless as it looks, could be as tough as any game you’ll play all year – and enjoy doing so.





In other news…


L train


In keeping with the ‘Year of Luigi’, the Chicago L train was transformed into the Luigi train until Sept 8. Yeah, forget catching the red eye flight when you can get the green rail.





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