Wizard’s Choice Walkthrough: Volume 6

Wizcho vol 6


(Update 10/20/13: Well there was a slight change to the Thantos slaying choices, but it’s been adjusted. No thanks necessary, just send cash or checks)


The is the end people, you defeated the dragon Svellack despite the odds, and cured your vampirism by expelling the demon Thantos from your body. However in doing so, he dragged you to the underworld with him – a plane of existence that is full of demons, pain, and no escape. Now with enemies at all sides and hope in decline, can you do the impossible and break out the underworld with not only your soul intact – but an old friend’s as well.




  • Firebolt Thantos
  • Flame fan
  • Invisible
  • Call attention
  • Get statue
  • Spider climb
  • Hide on Ceiling
  • Polymorph
  • Come out
  • Burn yourself
  • Talk to her
  • (For this question pick ‘yes’ if you need to, otherwise ‘no’)
  • Threatened her
  • Study your new spells
  • Fly into the reward room
  • Talk to her
  • Chase after him
  • Invisibility
  • Try to ally
  • Go along
  • Yes
  • Try to go through the door
  • Possess one of the girls
  • Kick Joe
  • Give Joe another kick
  • Talk to Reg
  • ‘I have been sent to him’
  • Tell Reg it’s Ok
  • Say you were sent here
  • Help Azizella
  • Flame fan
  • Boy Tiffany is seducing
  • Crush her soul
  • Try to maneuver her
  • Continue in brett’s body
  • Impersonate Tiffany
  • Pursue in spirit form
  • Wait
  • Illusion
  • Wait
  • Attempt to seduce
  • Jump
  • Do not crush his soul (don’t be a jerk)
  • Say
  • Fight
  • Natural Weapons
  • Attack Voland
  • Final Reckoning
  • Fight
  • Final Reckoning
  • Illusion
  • I do have the mana
  • The infinite staircase
  • Close the gate
  • Return to your body
  • Try to possess Reg
  • Lie
  • Final Reckoning



-The End-


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  2. i havent finished it yet and its just killing me so i must ask… do i, the wizard, ever get back to narissa?

    • Well to protect the players who want to keep the mystery til they finish the book I’ll just label this a spoiler, and to answer your question:

      Yes. It won;t be ez but it can be done.

      End spoiler.

  3. Thanks for these walkthroughs.

    • No prob! I would do more, in shorter amounts of time, but being a guy who loves a lot of games, sometimes CYOA games get a back seat. I’m getting better at multi tasking though.

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