Zombie High Walkthrough: Volume 1

ZH Vol.1

Zombie High Volume 2 Walkthrough is ready, click here to get there.

Well people, we’ve finally finished the Wizard Choice Walkthorughs, so where do we go from here? Why not get a jump on the Zombie High Walkthroughs of course! After reading/playing this series, its only a matter of time before people will start asking for a walkthough so here you go – Volume 1: You’re a teenage freshmen girl starting here first day in High School which also exists in a world after the zombie apocalypse. Let’s begin!

-Game Start-



  • Keep talking
  • Go to orientation
  • Stay silent
  • Volunteer for duty
  • Swallow your pride
  • Warn Val
  • Introduce yourself
  • Pay
  • Bring on the dissection
  • Tell the truth
  • Do the cutting yourself
  • Raise your hand
  • Come to rescue
  • Use tray
  • Come to rescue
  • Set her straight
  • Defend
  • Leave alone
  • Yes
  • Flamethrower
  • Ok
  • Help Dana
  • Shoot torso
  • Tell suspicions
  • Yes
  • Start shootsing
  • Pick up rifle
  • Give Dana locket




  1. Is it possible to know what decisions to choose in order to get the carious achievements in zombie high?

    • Sorry, but my version doesn’t include achievements, so get a lot for me ok?

    • Yes it is possible. ☺ If you’ve finished a volume of ZH, you can scroll down from your stats and find the option where you can ‘go back’. Then more choices will present itself to you which includes ‘start all over again’. 😊 You can try different options dozen of times and also obtain all of the achievements. ☺

  2. If you haggle your mom for lunch money, you get an extra bullet.

  3. Is there a way to get a coin without buying it??

    • Not sure, my version doesn’t use coins.

    • Yes, by obtaining achievements. ☺

  4. Some of your choices were completely different from mine, and when I tried your walkthrough, I came in second highest rank. 🙂 You might wanna try riskier options, I try out all the opts and try to surpass my previous scores and I get the highest rank in all vol. 🙂

    But your walkthrough helps me get more bullets. Thanks! ☺

    • You’re quite welcome, anything to help out fellow players.

      • Yeah I’m sorry but your walkthrough is not the best. You should try it again.

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