This just in(Or not): Grand Theft Auto Online



You know people, when it comes to the games Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row I’ll always be in the Saints Row camp for many reasons (which I’ll explain in the Saints Row IV review tomorrow). However GTA is a legacy brand that continues to develop characters and picture-esque locations. V should be their greatest game to date, but once this news shaked down the pipes, GTA V became a much bigger picture – or the biggest shame. Grand Theft Auto Online, in my opinion, is the continuation of V. You play as a new arrival to Los Santos ready to take over the world in classic GTA fashion, which mostly means committing crimes. However you won’t be alone, as the Online in GTA Online means up to 16 people can and will be joining you in the city – doing their own thing or teaming up with you (or each other) for larger jobs. Of course it wouldn’t be Auto if you couldn’t do things like interact with colorful characters, explore your surroundings, customize your gear, and have fun with extra stuff. With similar games like APB Reloaded and CrimeCraft, GTA Online should flourish like especially since it’s free to people with a GTA V retail copy. However I’m concerned that since the PS4 or Xbox One is not backwards compatible you ether have to stick with a dead console or wait until the game becomes available for the next gen console – and who knows when that will be. So yeah an ‘A’ for effort guys, but an ‘F’ for execution. Still… I’m going to play it for the few months I’ll have it. Stay tuned.







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