Game Review: Saints Row IV


So after the events of Saints Row III, the 3rd street Saints are more rich, famous, and powerful than ever before – especially after whipping the Syndicate like a government mule. The main character and leader of the Saints decided to use their power to actually do some good for a change – by viciously hunting down terrorists and stopping them from nuking Washington D.C. Well spoiler alert: they do and because of it the boss gets elected the president of the U.S.A. So game over right? Wrong, because that’s when the alien Zin Empire invasion starts led by the alien Emperor Zinyak, and that my friends is when Saints Row IV begins.



Without spoiling anything (well, anything else) you end up in a computer controlled simulation of Steelport, run by the Zin Empire, here was supposed to be your prison but thanks to a story event it will be the greatest tool in your fight against the Zin Empire and the Emperor himself. In addition to doing all the fun stuff you did in Saints Row III (customizing your gang, carjacking, assassinations, etc.) you get super powers – I’m serious. Fireballs, super speed, telekinesis, shrinking stomps, and more are available by helping your allies and collecting ‘Data Clusters’ all cross the virtual Steelport. The old and new elements work extremely well together; for example you can’t buy stores in the simulation – you have to hack them via minigame, or the new Professor Genki challenges will test your newly acquired super abilities to the fullest in wacky and insane ways. So that’s the mechanics of the title, but did I enjoy it? Well, let me put it like this:








Saints Row IV is beyond awesome… If I was trapped in the deepest, darkest, prison, with no chance of escape, no electricity, no indoor plumbing, and was filled with nothing but murders and psychos – the memory of playing this game will keep me going. The story and character interactions are the best in the series so far, they still got that humor I love but there are times in the storyline that drop my jaw (not just because of shock n awe, but actually good writing). By making the setting a virtual reality it really pushes the game’s crazy reality to its limit, speaking of which. The inclusions of these Meta powers not only give players a new, fresh, way to fight and explore the game but it never feels like you’re overpowered. The enemies are challenging and can push you to your limits no matter your weapons and abilities you have. I can’t say more or risk ruining the game for you but I’ll say this. By far this is the most enjoyable game I’ve played in a while, and what prevents me from giving this game my first ever triple platinum rating is a technicality. Which is the game borrows ‘heavily’ from other games from BioShock to God of War – I know is done in parody but it is what it is. But trust the One, True, Omnigamer this is everything a good game should be; GTA V may get the votes from everyone else, but to me, Saints Row IV is the game of the year.






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