Trailer-Rama: South Park – The Stick of Truth


Ah South Park – The Stick of Truth, the game that died and lives again. A game that has the potential to be one of the next great games to be. A game that the creators of the show themselves (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) had a hand in developing. The game that has a lot of trailers… Has another one now, but this one has some game footage, cut scenes, and most importantly a release date. So hopefully December with be the magic month we all become the welders of the Stick of Truth, and I swear if if South Park studios gets closed down or ubisoft disappears off the map, then I quit.






The Fall of Games: Grand Theft Auto Online + micro transactions = GTA$



This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone especially since A) a lot of online games are taking this route and B) GTA is all about the quick and easy if you’re willing to pay; but if you didn’t know micro transaction will be available via GTA$.  Meaning that if you want “cars, guns, clothes, flash and style” sooner rather than later you can buy them directly by buying GTA$. Of course I know someone of you is crying foul, but really it’s not that big of a deal. The weapons – none of them are OP, just function differently, sure snipes are powerful but every snipes in video games are powerful. Vehicles – forget about it, most vehicles look well but again won’t affect much, especially in precision driving (go so fast in GTA and you’ll crash, simple as that).  Everything else is just salad dressing, I myself have very rarely brought from any game’s micro transactions so chances are I won’t be buying much with real money in GTA O either. Besides if I really want something I’ll do like most in Los Santos: at gun point. See you all online.



The Fall of Games: Review Week – Grand Theft Auto V



It’s breaking  sales worldwide, to say it’s controversial is an understatement, it is the last great game of the current console generation (for PS3 & 360 I mean), it is causing people to do stupid things in real life. Ah it must be Grand Theft Auto time again, and it’s about time; Saints Row III & IV came and went before this game released. So the question is; how good is it?



GTA V returns to San Andreas where players do a Lost Vikings and not only control one criminal, but three; Michael – a ‘retired’ bank robber, Franklin – a gang banger trying to go straight, and Trevor – a psychopath. These three people from different walks of life will come together under strange circumstances to survive the city of Los Santos and hopefully find their big score. This series has been open world, do want you what, since the original GTA; however five has taken sim life to a whole new level. Without even doing any missions you can buy guns, explore the net, watch TV, listen to talk radio, do crazy car stunts, see a movie, buys some clothes, pimp out your ride, stop robberies, cause robberies, and way, way, WAY more – and even more than that after you unlock other activities throughout the game. Once you get into the story you’ll really get into the story, the characters and the situations they get themselves into. There is a surreal complexity to it all that is both too ridiculous to take serious and at same time some of the most cleaver writing I’ve seen in fiction. Even bat-crap crazy characters like Trevor I care about to a certain degree because they are so well designed and excused. And thank the almighty they put the fun back into the series because GTA IV was boring as nut sometimes and the main character, although an interesting dude, was too much of a sad sack.  So if you hadn’t noticed by now GTA V is a winner in all categories save for one: the beep’n controls… Why Rockstar, why must the best game you guys created have the absolute worst control scheme ever? It’s downright primeval! Forgot trying to fly anything in this game because you’ll be only crashing it! Driving can be a demolition derby and for freak sake a button for running –AGAIN!!!  I’m going to stop and give this a Platinum Pass of Perfection before I change my mind and rampage like Trevor.








The Fall of Games: Review Week – Wonderful 101



Rayman Legend was a good game, but this is what I was talking about doing something different. Remember the defuncted gaming studio Clover? Well if you don’t know they’re now Platinum Games and they now, like then, make games that are off the wall and always enjoyable – Wonderful 101 continues that awesome tread from an awesome studio.





The game starts with an alien invasion of the “Guild of Evil Aliens Terrorising Humans with Jiggawatt bombs, Energy beams, Ray guns, and Killer lasers” or “GEATHJERK”. While comically named they mean business with their acronym and the earth’s conventional forces can’t stop them. That’s where the Wonderful 101 come in; they’re super hero specialists that have the ability to ‘unite’ up and combine themselves to make giant fists, swords, guns and more. Add to the fact they can ‘recruit’ ordinary people and turn them into temporary Wonderful Ones and you got a fighting force unlike any other. Now your wonderful powers aren’t just for pounding alien scum (although that’s always fun); you need them for solving puzzles, escaping environmental hazards, quick time events, and finding secrets. On your downtime players buy items to help in battle, equip upgrades to your unite skills, learn new unite skills, even read bios on your Wonderful Ones & Geathjerk enemies. The Wonderful 101 is the perfect title for the Wii U, utilizing all its functions to the max it will test even the best gamers in their skills and dexterity. The characters are colorful (literary and physically) with quirky personalities but they never seems too silly; the story itself it classic and light but can be surprising serious at times. If I could find fault in this game I would say it would be that the game was made more the U-mote than the TV screen. The game looks much better on the controller than it does on the screen, I don’t know why but it does (on the screen the still character renderings looks downright plastic). However it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the game at all, nor stop me from giving it our near perfect rating. From Viewful Joe to the Wonderful 101 Platinum Games shows that Sentai never die.











The Fall of Games: Review Week – Rayman Legends



Now we move on to the home console games, and as it is still ‘Talk like a Pirate Day’, I’m still going to write like a pirate for the review- its tradition. Anyway people, the Wii U is the most unique of the next-gen consoles; the potential of the machine is great, but can it do a standard sidescroller in a new way? Yes and the proof is in the game Rayman legends.



Rayman, a veteran hero of the Glade, along with his friends decided after Rayman Origins to take a 100 year power nap. This was enough time for nightmares and Dark Teensies to cause havoc all over the place; so after a good whack from Murfy the heroes set off to give the nightmares a wake up call. Rayman Legends is a beautiful looking game that made me want Wii U even more (this was before they decided to port the game to other consoles).  The platforming style is classic: running, jumping, whacking, collecting, and reaching the goal with as much secrets stuff and glowing goodies you can carry.  Now Rayman Legends ups the ante by giving players a lot extras to pallet swapping, challenges, mini games, scratch tickets, invasion stages, & more. All these extra elements with the actual game work well, but my favorite is the segments you control Murfy with the Wii U remote, following a CPU character you make sure he makes it to the goal safe n’ sound. I have no idea how the other consoles will deal with these sections, but I bet dollars to doughnuts it wouldn’t be as seamless as using the U-mote. In general Rayman Legends is a sold game and great to own for any console. The solid, vibrant colors really stand out from the drab gray & downer darker gray that’s been in the color scheme in other games. However, even with all the options, the game didn’t do anything that different; not that that’s a bad thing but gaming vets might not see the need to play the same thing they played before. Still if you’re doing some early Christmas shopping and know a guy/gal with a Wii U and not a jaded teenager Rayman Legends is a good choice.







Armada’s 4th annual Pirate Appreciation day!


Happy talk like a Pirate day! ARRRRR! Thought we forget, we didn’t har, arr, arr, arrr! Sadly mateys thar nay much gentleman o’ fortune based posts today on accoun’ o’ o’ th’ Fall o’ Games reviews but here a classic swashbucklin’ jig by th’ sky gentleman o’ fortunes o’ Tale Spin, enjoy! An’ if ye don’t ye can keel haul th’ plank!







The Fall of Games: Review Week – Warrior’s Way



You know its funny, it was seeing the preview of Warrior’s Way that ultimately convinced me to buy these new street pass games. It’s even more apropo that it’s the last one I’m reviewing because it might be the weakest of the four games – that doesn’t means it’s a bad game though. The game starts with you inheriting your own kingdom, and then your butler says: “Hey let’s take over the world.” & you say: “Okay!”  (I’m paraphrasing) & that’s basically the story of Warrior’s Way – you roam around countries and try to defeat them. So how does the street pass work in this game? Well being a leader of your own country with global domination on the to-do list, you need an army.  As such anyone you meet via street pass AND all they met via street pass will become soldiers for your armies. Neat, huh?  Well… There’s a caveat. If you meet someone via street pass who also has the Warrior’s Way game, they won’t be soldiers for your cause, they’ll be rival monarchs who could very well challenge you if their armies big enough. Fortunately you don’t have to fight ‘em, but if you do and you win then a part of their army will be yours, and opposite will be true if you lose however. So how do you do battle, simple as paper, scissors, rock – really. Infantry (paper), Archers (scissors), & Cavalry (Rock) are your three units; each units with their own strengths & weaknesses.  You beat your opponent by strategy or sheer numbers two out of three battles and you win the war. And that pretty much it for Warrior’s Way, you see my problem? All the other new street pass games have a simple but clever system about them; Warror’s Way is pretty cut and dry with no imagination. Still it’s fun, offers pvp play and does give you some customizing options for your kingdom, so yeah, its not what I expected but its still better than a lot of app games on the market today.