The Fall of Games: The Wii U price drop and 2DS announcement



That’s right people, although the weather may not seem like it, September marks the beginning of fall- and thus the ‘Fall of Games’! Where all the game companies, big and indie, vive for your bingatude for the holidays. Well I’m proud to say this year Nintendo leads the charge with console news. As you all know the Wii U came out almost last year and are starting to get new games that show the capabilities. However their time as the only next gen system out there is coming to a close. The PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are looming right around the corner, so in order to get more attention and make their choices more appealing to late adopters they came up with two deals. One: on the 20th of this month the deluxe version of the Wii U (you know the sweet black one) will knock off $50 off its price and be a cool $300 retail. The other news is that a new Nintendo 2DS will be available on Oct.12, which is basically a 3DS without the 3D. Me, I think the 3D part is the most important part, but it’s hard to argue with the $129.99 price tag.  So with cheap next-gen systems with a library of games on the Nintendo side, the Fall of Games starts strong. However Sony and Microsoft have not even begun to fight – stay tuned.






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