The Fall of Games: Review Week – Warrior’s Way



You know its funny, it was seeing the preview of Warrior’s Way that ultimately convinced me to buy these new street pass games. It’s even more apropo that it’s the last one I’m reviewing because it might be the weakest of the four games – that doesn’t means it’s a bad game though. The game starts with you inheriting your own kingdom, and then your butler says: “Hey let’s take over the world.” & you say: “Okay!”  (I’m paraphrasing) & that’s basically the story of Warrior’s Way – you roam around countries and try to defeat them. So how does the street pass work in this game? Well being a leader of your own country with global domination on the to-do list, you need an army.  As such anyone you meet via street pass AND all they met via street pass will become soldiers for your armies. Neat, huh?  Well… There’s a caveat. If you meet someone via street pass who also has the Warrior’s Way game, they won’t be soldiers for your cause, they’ll be rival monarchs who could very well challenge you if their armies big enough. Fortunately you don’t have to fight ‘em, but if you do and you win then a part of their army will be yours, and opposite will be true if you lose however. So how do you do battle, simple as paper, scissors, rock – really. Infantry (paper), Archers (scissors), & Cavalry (Rock) are your three units; each units with their own strengths & weaknesses.  You beat your opponent by strategy or sheer numbers two out of three battles and you win the war. And that pretty much it for Warrior’s Way, you see my problem? All the other new street pass games have a simple but clever system about them; Warror’s Way is pretty cut and dry with no imagination. Still it’s fun, offers pvp play and does give you some customizing options for your kingdom, so yeah, its not what I expected but its still better than a lot of app games on the market today.















  1. Son unas ideales increiblemente extraordinaria que tienen que ver con blogging.

    Has tocado algunos puntos importantes aqui.

    Sea como sea prosigue blogueando.

    • Gracias , vamos a tratar de mantener el Videojuego Armada tan impresionante como sus siempre ha sido.

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