The Fall of Games: Review Week – Grand Theft Auto V



It’s breaking  sales worldwide, to say it’s controversial is an understatement, it is the last great game of the current console generation (for PS3 & 360 I mean), it is causing people to do stupid things in real life. Ah it must be Grand Theft Auto time again, and it’s about time; Saints Row III & IV came and went before this game released. So the question is; how good is it?



GTA V returns to San Andreas where players do a Lost Vikings and not only control one criminal, but three; Michael – a ‘retired’ bank robber, Franklin – a gang banger trying to go straight, and Trevor – a psychopath. These three people from different walks of life will come together under strange circumstances to survive the city of Los Santos and hopefully find their big score. This series has been open world, do want you what, since the original GTA; however five has taken sim life to a whole new level. Without even doing any missions you can buy guns, explore the net, watch TV, listen to talk radio, do crazy car stunts, see a movie, buys some clothes, pimp out your ride, stop robberies, cause robberies, and way, way, WAY more – and even more than that after you unlock other activities throughout the game. Once you get into the story you’ll really get into the story, the characters and the situations they get themselves into. There is a surreal complexity to it all that is both too ridiculous to take serious and at same time some of the most cleaver writing I’ve seen in fiction. Even bat-crap crazy characters like Trevor I care about to a certain degree because they are so well designed and excused. And thank the almighty they put the fun back into the series because GTA IV was boring as nut sometimes and the main character, although an interesting dude, was too much of a sad sack.  So if you hadn’t noticed by now GTA V is a winner in all categories save for one: the beep’n controls… Why Rockstar, why must the best game you guys created have the absolute worst control scheme ever? It’s downright primeval! Forgot trying to fly anything in this game because you’ll be only crashing it! Driving can be a demolition derby and for freak sake a button for running –AGAIN!!!  I’m going to stop and give this a Platinum Pass of Perfection before I change my mind and rampage like Trevor.









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