The Fall of Games: Grand Theft Auto Online + micro transactions = GTA$



This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone especially since A) a lot of online games are taking this route and B) GTA is all about the quick and easy if you’re willing to pay; but if you didn’t know micro transaction will be available via GTA$.  Meaning that if you want “cars, guns, clothes, flash and style” sooner rather than later you can buy them directly by buying GTA$. Of course I know someone of you is crying foul, but really it’s not that big of a deal. The weapons – none of them are OP, just function differently, sure snipes are powerful but every snipes in video games are powerful. Vehicles – forget about it, most vehicles look well but again won’t affect much, especially in precision driving (go so fast in GTA and you’ll crash, simple as that).  Everything else is just salad dressing, I myself have very rarely brought from any game’s micro transactions so chances are I won’t be buying much with real money in GTA O either. Besides if I really want something I’ll do like most in Los Santos: at gun point. See you all online.




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