Game Preview: Call of Duty – Ghosts


So you think just because GTA V released that’s the end of gaming for the year right? Wrong, gaming, like life, go’s on! And what better proof of that statement then Call of Duty – Ghosts. Set ten years after an orbital bombardment (maybe MW3) the United States as we know it is no more. Reduced to a third world country the only ones to defend her now is a spec ops group known as Ghosts; but undermanned, under armed, and with no support can they defeat the mysterious new superpower that is besieging the U.S. of A. Not sure, because I know the only thing you all care about is the multiplayer modes. Don’t worry they too come back in spades, let’s just hope the noobs and their tubes have a lot of misfired in this games. Get ready to be deathstreaked this November.