Game Review: GTA Online



So since GTA V is a flaming run-away success (despite the controversies) it stands to reason that the online version of this game will be a great addition. Well you all remember what they say about the best laid plans.





So Online begins with the character creator, and unlike most more character creators, this one uses pre made parents and grand parents to determine what you look like. After that your character is introduced to Los Santos and meets up with a familiar character. After he gives you a gun, puts you in a street race, gets you to rob a drug dealer and change your clothes – you free to get reacquainted to the city. Now a few differences between the story game and the online version; unlike Michael, Franklin and Trevor, your character is woefully underpowered and doesn’t have any special abilities. Also money and weapons are in very short supply. To fix these problems players can choose to do jobs, which are online instances that allow you to race, kill, and steal. If you do well then you’ll get exp and jp (job points  – I think) which will get you access to better equipment, vehicles, missions, and most importantly money. Also keeping driving, shooting, and fist fighting, etc. and the more your stats will slowly build like in the story game. Jobs, heists, and city activities are best done with like-minded players and with 12 players per online city it’s ez to find help –eventually. GTA Online is really fun playing as your own guy or gal, running through the streets, robbing quikie-marts, selling hot cars, running races, getting into heists, and doing all the things online you did in the story. This in its self would be the best part of the true GTA experience; but in reality it is the worst. Thanks to player killing d-bags (which others players have to suffer through unless they pay for a passive mode), a horrible create-a-character mode, a lame queuing systems for doing jobs, not being able to log in to online at hours at a time,  and finally the unforgivable event of losing a character multiple times during log in(myself twice, some people used real money on their characters) makes this the most terrible launch I’ve ever seen of a game. I know the game will be fixed in time, and the online portion is very ambitious with everything its trying to do – doesn’t it deserve a break (They did warn us after all)? No. Because the single player took two+ years to create, program, and test to near-perfection; you can’t tell me they couldn’t to the same to the Online – if they put in the effort. But they didn’t; it’s sloppy, disrespectful, and taints an otherwise excellent game. GTA Online didn’t fly too close to the sun, in didn’t even get into the air.