The Fall of Games (Game Review): Etrian Odyssey Untold – The Millennium Girl


Now I know I owe you all a Pokémon X & Y review right here, however after playing several types of off-the-nut craziness with GTA V and experience ten different kinds of disappointment with GTA Online I figured I needed to get back to basics with an good old fashioned JRPG. Fortunately for me Etrian Odyssey Untold – The Millennium Girl was available for my playing and reviewing pleasure (and don’t worry Pokémon X & Y review will be next week).



EO Untold starts with you, an almost silence protagonist from a tribe known for ‘seekers of true justice’ – Highlanders (you can name him whatever you want). You been hired by the good people of Etria to discover the cause of unexplained natural disasters – and stop them. However like every RPG of this kind you find a girl with ammonia, a group of likeminded individuals to join with, and a bigger mystery that only you can solve.  EO Untold is an remake/reimagining of Etrian Odyssey a game released in 2007, which in itself was a combination of dungeon crawling and turn based combat.  However their trick was that you had the option of plotting out your own map on the lower DS screen; every step, every corridor, every monster, and every treasure chest could be recorded by you and today’s game follows suit. However this time everything’s in 3D, you get a new story to follow, you also get to take advantage of the 3DS street pass feature and more. I got to say I’ve really enjoyed playing this game, especially since I’ve never heard about it before. I really only downloaded the demo because I was bored, but after playing it for a few hours I was hooked. It doesn’t do a lot of things new, but it does do a lot things right; like challenging gameplay, fun characters, and music – straight out of an anime, the good ones. Although I can see the busy work for EXP, slow paced battles and painstaking mapping every move you make can turn a lot of players off – it didn’t for me. So if you like a little color, little music, and a whole lot of dungeons then give Etrian Odyssey Untold – The Millennium Girl a try (at least the demo), you might surprise yourself, I know I was surprised.