That’s Gamertainment: Team Fortress presents – Ring of Fired



Well people it’s been a little over a year since the robot apocalypse of Grey Mann was unleashed upon the world. Set to destroy Saxton Hale’s company and making it his own. Thanks to the class mercs of RED/BLU (and by extension us) we beat back the tide of metal death and got some sweet loot and new abilities (that don’t last unfortunately) out of it. Even after Grey Mann tried to change tactics and create new threats, we met the challenge. So will Mann vs Machine ever end? Yes, and in a very unexpected way, the first ever non-game update comic that is also a mini-series (six issues).  While we only have the first issue right now, it’s enough to knock you on your butt: here it is Ring of Fired.




Gameroween 2013 – Video Game Characters that make awesome costumes (Minecraft Steve & Creeper Head)

Minecraft Steve HeadMinecraft Creeper Head



















It’s back people, Gameroween! The one time of the year you can dress up like your favorite gaming figureheads and not get strange looks or sent to Arkham. These days it’s easier than ever to dress up to get down with your gamer self – if you know where to go.  Take for example Jinx who  is providing the costume choice for today: Minecraft Steve & Creeper Head(s). By now everyone’s played Minecraft, or at least knows about it; and the two most famous figures of MC is Steve (the guy on the cover) and the Creeper (the oddly shaped enemies of MC). For $20 plus shipping and handling you can be one of these blocky icons today (or whenever they come in the mail). Just don’t start digging up your neighbor’s yard, some holes you can’t blame on the family dog.




I actually kind of agree with Conan here.