Gameroween 2013 – Video Game Characters that make awesomely mediocre costumes (Zombie)


You know people I try to be original with my choices, think outside the box and all that; but I also know which way the wind is blowing and that wind has the smell of putrid, funky, rotting Zombie in it. Thanks to shows like the Walking Dead and video games like Dead Rising, Dead Island and the Last of Us, Zombies are here to stay for now. As such it’s more than likely a few of you are going undead this year (like you did last year, and the year before that) so might as well make it a choice for today. What kind of zombie? Take your pick: fast (infected) zombies, slow (classic) zombie, hunters, boomers, smokers, tanks, witches, T-Virus, G-Virus, C-Virus, Las Plaga, super heroes zombies, etc, etc, etc. What to wear? It doesn’t matter, any old thing will do, as long as its blood stained and has rips here and there. Of course what zombie costume would be complete without say brains or screeching every so often. And get there you go people one Zombie, the Pumpkin-Headed Turkey Claus of costumes (and at least that one was original).





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