This just in (Or not): Diablo III Auction Houses sees its last days



Yep after a year and some change of life on the PC, and only a month and some change on the consoles the powers that be decided that on March 18, 2014 the cash/gold Auction Houses would be discontinued for Diablo III. Now for those that don’t know Auction Houses is an in game service that allows players to put weapon, armors, items, etc, on sale for other players to buy. They started with in game money (gold) but later allowed real money AH to be available. Depending on who you talked to the Auction Houses were a good thing or a bad thing. Good because it helped players to fully spec their characters without grinding for hours on end. However the bad is often gold farmers, price inflation, ninja looting, etc. Whatever our guesses could be Blizzard’s reason for shutting it down is because it defeats the point of ‘kill monsters to get cool loot’ – which is does, sort of, and  in their next expansion, ‘Reaper of Souls’, that the loot system will be much better. So people if you have any unfinished deals to broker within AH best to get them out of the way now – March will be here sooner than you think.




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