The Fall of Games: Team Fortress Update – A Tale of Two Cities


Even though the 8th generation of the console wars is in full swing, the PC nation is far from being ignored. In fact steam has just release a new expansion to their wildly popular free to play shooter Team Fortress 2 called ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. Along with, you guessed it, two new stages for their Mann vs Machine mode; players will also take advantage of new items, upgrades, visual effects, statics, and a much needed boost to the medic skill set. Now I don’t have a problem with the Medic in MvM, but a lot of players treat him like a pariah. With the new projectile shield (that also doubles as a robo bug zapper) & the reanimator (which bring dead players back to life) the herr doctor will once again be the most important person on the field of battle.




Ding – Xbox One SmartGlass



Congras! You got the Xbox One, one of the newest, most advanced consoles on the market today (despite some day one issues – like the PS4 when it first came out). Now I’m sure you people are already finding out a lot about the features, the functions, and the sweet game library line-up. However there is more than meets the eye here and it’s available outside the console itself.  The feature is called Xbox One SmartGlass and is something that can have many uses in gameplay.  Basically it’s an app that players can download into their smart devices (Windows, Apple iOS, and Android generally) and from the console to certain games, players can use special functions. For the X One, it acts like a touch remote that controls selecting, searching, surfing (the web), etc.  However in games, SmartGlass will act as a third option during gameplay. My favorite example is the Dead Rising 3 Demo where the player called in a airstrike (or mortar strike) using SmartGlass – and that’s just one way a game could use it. Having SmartGlass isn’t essential to your enjoyment of Xbox One but it’s so freaken cool and useful that not taking advantage doesn’t make much sense.  Well I know I’m going to use SmartGlass once I get my Xbox One, and of course do a produce placement review on it –in time.




The Xbox has launched


Great news people, in addition to the Xbox One finally releasing to the general public, thus kicking off the next generation of excellent games, but I might be able to get this one much sooner than expected. Now granted the launch line ups may not be the most vibrant, but Dead Rising 3 alone is enough to get a gamer excited. Sure the console does cost $100 more than PS4, but in my opinion it does more than the PS4.  And yes Microsoft did dig themselves into a hole by tell their core audience to #dealwithit, however they’ve since changed their unpopular practices and made sure the Xbox One is something the majority is happy with. No backwards compatibility but I’ve made peace with that. If PS4 & the Wii U not your speed then the One is the one for you, and if you need some more info check this link out and get informed.  I’ve been waiting a long time for the big three consoles to come out, and now that they have I expect game developers to take advantage of the technology and make wonders. They all are now put on notice, you are not as good as your last game any more.




Commericals of Xbox past


Tomorrow the last next gen console will be available for purchase, which is Xbox One. A console that I’ve been keeping an eye on since its announcement. But before we get to enjoy the future I feel like we need to take time to look into the past commercials of both Xbox & Xbox 360 and see how far we’ve come as gamers. Well it’s not that far, but still its neat to see how far the rookie console came to become the power house we all enjoy today. Enjoy!



The game that launched a thousand Xboxes.

Still deserves a sequal, where’s my sequel BioWare?

I don’t care what people said, Mech Assault > Regular Mech Warrior

Played well, told well, ended well. Can’t wait for the next generation of Mass Effect games.

GTA funner, awesomer, cousin.

Really wished Half Life 3 come out already.


Wow, Really… – People got Xbox One earily (Yay!) & but got banned for live for doing so (Boo!)



Yeah, you read right. Some in lucky souls who pre-ordered from Target got their Xbox Ones’ 13 days sooner than expected. And you would think they wouldn’t able to use it online because Xbox live isn’t properly formatted to the new system yet (or so Microsoft says), but nope at least one user was able to log on & have fun almost straight out of the box. You know people after the whole ‘always online’ debacle a lot of fellows gamers said they wouldn’t give the Xbox One the time of day. I knew though that the system was pretty awesome and I wanted it even a little more than the PS4; my point is that the people who got the Ones confirmed what I already knew – the latest Xbox console is a real winner. The one player in particular couldn’t stop tweeting about the fun he was having, so one more point for the Omnigamer.  Honestly Microsoft’s console could use this good press since its rep been talking a beating… That’s why they shut down all the early Xbox One owners  from live until the launch date  of the console(which is 11/22), which is now causing those people to take their frustration to the internet… Smooth move, Micro, smooth move… Oh well, at least the early reports of the console is good – I still call that a win.




WTF/FTW – Epic split starting Jean Clauede Van Damme


There are no words, only epicness.

WTF/FTW – South Park epiode ‘Black Friday’


South Park is… Well South Park, It’s praised for its excellent writing, social commentary, and unique type for humor, however it always plays to the ‘how far go can we go’ method  of storytelling. Which means throughout the story you’ll see some rather obscene scenes that might disturb some and entertain others – its the catch 22 of their  madness. Do I agree with those scenes that they show in their attempt for shock value? No, not really. Can I deny that their show’s writing is borderline genius? No, absolutely not. If there’s proof of this then its found in their latest episode called ‘Black Friday’. Which brilliantly combines crazy holiday shopping, Game of Thrones, Next Gen consoles, Platoon, and a little bit of their upcoming game into 30 minutes of awesome. All I got to say is Winter is coming…