WTF/FTW – South Park epiode ‘Black Friday’


South Park is… Well South Park, It’s praised for its excellent writing, social commentary, and unique type for humor, however it always plays to the ‘how far go can we go’ method  of storytelling. Which means throughout the story you’ll see some rather obscene scenes that might disturb some and entertain others – its the catch 22 of their  madness. Do I agree with those scenes that they show in their attempt for shock value? No, not really. Can I deny that their show’s writing is borderline genius? No, absolutely not. If there’s proof of this then its found in their latest episode called ‘Black Friday’. Which brilliantly combines crazy holiday shopping, Game of Thrones, Next Gen consoles, Platoon, and a little bit of their upcoming game into 30 minutes of awesome. All I got to say is Winter is coming…





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