Wow, Really… – People got Xbox One earily (Yay!) & but got banned for live for doing so (Boo!)



Yeah, you read right. Some in lucky souls who pre-ordered from Target got their Xbox Ones’ 13 days sooner than expected. And you would think they wouldn’t able to use it online because Xbox live isn’t properly formatted to the new system yet (or so Microsoft says), but nope at least one user was able to log on & have fun almost straight out of the box. You know people after the whole ‘always online’ debacle a lot of fellows gamers said they wouldn’t give the Xbox One the time of day. I knew though that the system was pretty awesome and I wanted it even a little more than the PS4; my point is that the people who got the Ones confirmed what I already knew – the latest Xbox console is a real winner. The one player in particular couldn’t stop tweeting about the fun he was having, so one more point for the Omnigamer.  Honestly Microsoft’s console could use this good press since its rep been talking a beating… That’s why they shut down all the early Xbox One owners  from live until the launch date  of the console(which is 11/22), which is now causing those people to take their frustration to the internet… Smooth move, Micro, smooth move… Oh well, at least the early reports of the console is good – I still call that a win.





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