The Xbox has launched


Great news people, in addition to the Xbox One finally releasing to the general public, thus kicking off the next generation of excellent games, but I might be able to get this one much sooner than expected. Now granted the launch line ups may not be the most vibrant, but Dead Rising 3 alone is enough to get a gamer excited. Sure the console does cost $100 more than PS4, but in my opinion it does more than the PS4.  And yes Microsoft did dig themselves into a hole by tell their core audience to #dealwithit, however they’ve since changed their unpopular practices and made sure the Xbox One is something the majority is happy with. No backwards compatibility but I’ve made peace with that. If PS4 & the Wii U not your speed then the One is the one for you, and if you need some more info check this link out and get informed.  I’ve been waiting a long time for the big three consoles to come out, and now that they have I expect game developers to take advantage of the technology and make wonders. They all are now put on notice, you are not as good as your last game any more.





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