The Fall of Games: Team Fortress Update – A Tale of Two Cities


Even though the 8th generation of the console wars is in full swing, the PC nation is far from being ignored. In fact steam has just release a new expansion to their wildly popular free to play shooter Team Fortress 2 called ‘A Tale of Two Cities’. Along with, you guessed it, two new stages for their Mann vs Machine mode; players will also take advantage of new items, upgrades, visual effects, statics, and a much needed boost to the medic skill set. Now I don’t have a problem with the Medic in MvM, but a lot of players treat him like a pariah. With the new projectile shield (that also doubles as a robo bug zapper) & the reanimator (which bring dead players back to life) the herr doctor will once again be the most important person on the field of battle.





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