Gift guide for great gamers: Star Wars: The Old Republic



It’s the holiday season, the holiday season – and that means that some non gamers need a little help getting some awesome titles for their loved ones. Worry not the Video Game Armada has got your back with the ‘Gift guide for great gamers’ – starting with a vet suggestion from yours truly. Yes, I know I’m a swtor fanboi. Yes, I know I’ve talked about this game more than once, but you know what people, I just can’t help it. Star Wars: The Old Republic is now, what I said then,  everything I hoped it could be and more. Over the years (years… I can’t believe it) the game has gotten better with the updates, new worlds, operations, items, quests, characters, and of course the free to play model. Now in its reason addition, Galaxy Starfighter, it will address the biggest compliant most players have with the game: non-rail space shooter – which to say now the game will have non-rail PvP space shooting action. So there you go, a perfect PC game just waiting to be played, at no cost ever.