Gift guide for great gamers: SimCity (2013)



Ah poor SimCity (and by extension Maxis and EA), it was full of promise and before its release perfect in the eyes of Sim fans everywhere. However once it went live, and a few weeks to months after, it suffered catastrophic server failures and lockouts. Needless to say the people who bought the game were not happy (I was just mildly annoyed) and went to the internet with their dissatisfaction. The damage has been done to the players and they have not logged back in since; but I must write to say give this game another chance. It is great fun build your city in your own image: create a shining utopia or slum city U.S.A., be paragon for law or a hive of scum and villainy, be a center for culture and art or a pollution churning industry town – your call. It’s even better now that you can take your civil servicing ideas online and work together with other players cities (or be their worst nightmare mwa ha ha). People I know it’s hard to forget all the crap this game put us through, but it’s the holidays, a time to forgive and forget. Everything works now; a new DLC is just waiting to be uploaded, and hey it’s not like SimCity was the only video game in resent times to have performance issues. So yeah, if you have it, play it now (maybe buy the DLC), if you know a PC gamer who like Sims or strategy titles buy this for them as a present.