Gift guide for great gamers: Project X Zone



What does Akira Yuki, Heihachi Mishima, Devilotte de DeathSatan IX, Jill Valentine, Frank West, KOS-MOS, Ulala, Bruno Delinger & many more different characters have in common? Nothing, except for an awesome handheld game called Project X (cross) Zone. Think Super Smash Brothers crossed with Final Fantasy tactics with a story as epic as Metal Gear Solid. If that doesn’t hook you then how about the fact that you can create powerful combos and use special powers that would make a Dragon Ball Z fan weep with joy. Challenge? Forget about it! Its starts simple (like most games do) but it later level they will test your tactical skills to the fullest.  Finally it’s a 3DS game, so you can enjoy the next dimension anytime, anywhere you want. And I’m kind of out of reasons so pick your favorite, buy it for your 3DSed loved one and watch how they will thank you profusely.







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  1. […] people! Sometimes the good guys can win! If anyone didn’t know I loved Project X Zone back in 2013, sure it was long but I like to think of it as part of the challenge. Plus who doesn’t like video […]

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