Gift guide for great gamers: GTA V



People I’m going to say something I thought I would never have to say: please parents – don’t buy this game for under-age gamers. I’m serious  – and surprised how many adults buy a game called ‘Grand Thief Auto V’ for little Jimmy & Jamey who are only 8 years old or under. This game is as raw, violent, and sexual, as any game I’ve ever played (and that’s a lot of games people). There’s no real reason why people can’t do research on titles before they buy them, with the internet  sites like Video Game Armada (cheap pop) its easier than ever  to find games age appropriate (which GTA V is definitely not).  Again this game is not for little kids, however if you’re old enough to drink and smoke (and don’t mind doing rather graphic things from time to time) this game will fit you like a T. A world within a world, and characters with minds of their own, you’ll lose endless hours living and doing in San Andreas. Even my biggest gripe, GTA Online, is better now (or so some gamers have said) so if you managed to finish everything in the single player there is a whole different side of the city in the multiplayer to tackle. In short GTA V is: not for kids, a guilt pleasure for adults, a well crafted single player with an extremely dark sense of humor, a recovering glitchly multiplayer that’s pretty good too, and a good adult only gift for adult gamers.








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