Gift guide for great gamers: The Wonderful 101



You like Viewtiful Joe don’t you? Of course you do, and before Clover Studios got shut down Viewtiful Joe was on his way to be the next great video game mascot. However we all know the sad tell of Clover, however most endings are just new beginning. A lot of Clover alliums founded and merged with other groups to make Platinum Games, the same company that made MadWorld, Bayonetta, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance titles. All of them different like a fingerprint, but have only one thing in common: great fun, and when you put great fun and a spiritual successor of Viewful Joe (which was great fun to begin with) into one game you got The Wonderful 101. Like Viewful Joe you play as a super sentai hero who must save the world from evil, unlike Viewtiful. Joe you don’t do it alone (mostly). There are many ‘Wonderful ones’ in the game and when you find (or recruit) enough you can use the ability to Unite Up and morph into the form of giant weapons and objects. People you haven’t played a game until you take a couple dozen people and turn them into a massive fist to smack enemies up with. What’s more the characters are as colorful as the costumes they wear (and yes I know I made that joke on the review too) and both humor and action are well done. Fun for the whole family, challenging to gaming elite, and not bad to look at – The Wonderful 101 is not Viewtiful Joe but it might be just as Viewtiful.








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