Games & Gear of 2014 –Thief (2/25/2014)


Ok people confession time: I’ve never played the Thief series. Yes, yes, I know; how can I call myself ‘the one, true, Omnigamer’ if I never played Thief before? Well to be fair I was a console gamer for years & years because I couldn’t afford a gaming PC to play good PC games on. However thanks to the good people at Square Enix and Eidos Montreal, this reboot will be on home consoles as well as PCs so now players like me can see what the hub-bub is all about. From what I understand though Thief stars  Garrett, a master thief, who steals from the super-rich in a steampunk/fantasy type city (called the ‘the city’ no less). Garrett is a lover (of money) not a fighter, so doing things without being seen and with little violence will only help you in general. Other than that the game is a bit of a mystery ( oh sure there’s  mystical crap going on but nothing sold), but I always liked the idea of outsmarting opponents instead of immediately going for their jugular (although that’s fine too). Add to the fact that its name alone gives PC gamers shivers of excitement and I have a feeling we got a winner here.






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