Games & Gear of 2014 – Infamous: Second Son (3/21/2014)



Infamous, both one & two, were shinning jewel of the PS3 line-up; the story – a simple bike courier Cole MacGrath was forced to become a Conduit, a person with extraordinary abilities and powers. Depending on how players decided his fate; Cole could become the self-sacrificing hero of the world or the progenitor of humanity next stage of evolution.  It was a hoot! Sand box cities full of challenges, exploration, enemies to lay the smack on, and of course choices players make to affect the world around them. So when the PS4 was announced and Infamous: Second Son, the third game in the Infamous series, was one of the launch titles (sort of) the excitement was electric for all the fans. Now with a new cast, new city, new enemies, and new powers, Second Son will be the first title to show the world the full potential of Sony’s new system – if you’re going to buy one PS4 game this year, make it this one people.