Games & Gear of 2014 – The Witch and the Hundred Knights (3/25/2014)

The Witch and the Hundred Knights


JRPG, or Japanese Role Playing Games, are of a special breed. Before games like Kotor, Fallout, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, and even World of Warcraft came into prominence they were the standard. Epic stories, quirky characters, colorful-imaginative environments, load of awesome attacks, they had it all. It’s because of this legacy I’m giving The Witch and the Hundred Knights a spot on the list this year. The premise is that two land witches are at war with one another with, though they’re always at a stalemate because of their equal power.  However that changes when one of the witches summons one of the Hundred Knights, who the player controls. Small, but carries a big sword, the knight agrees to help the witch summon the rest of the knights and defeat her rival. That’s starts the story of the title and even if it may not seem like much now I’m sure there will be more to the tale as you play.  The other thing about this game is that it’s only available (for now) on the PS3 so if you still have that console that’s one advantage in your favor. I’m sure for the non-PS3 players out there, if the game does well anyway, there will be a direct to download option in the future- we’ll see at March.