Games & Gear of 2014 – Dying Light (2014 – Maybe)



Who’s sick of zombies being used as cheap plot devices for melodrama! I am I am! Who sick of zombies being used as endless fodder for games? Not me, but Dying Light decided to be little different in the zombie survival genre.  You play as a one of four people surviving in zombie town USA; scavenging, creating weapons and traps, saving other survivors, and knocking undead skulls – which is all pretty easy thanks to the character’s agility. The can leap, bounce, grab, and hurdle like Spiderman all over the town, all they’re missing is the web shooters. Now you would think that would make the game way too EZ, and you’re right, but when day turns to night your advantages will melt away and surviving becomes very difficult. Zombies become more powerful, can climb ledges, and are relentless in finding you. While very similar to Fortnite and a combination of Techland’s other property, Dead Island: Riptide and Mirror Edge (not their property), Dying Light never the less will be the next great survival horror game of 2014 – and sweet looking to boot.