Games & Gear of 2014 – Bayonetta 2 (12/31/2014)



I’ll be honest people, I’ve never played the original Bayonetta, the main character herself was as confusing as how her clothes were made of her own hair (and she’s a witch and her spells are hair powered and the more powerful the spell the more nude she becomes – It sounds a mess, even now). However countless players said that both the character and the game are very good, fun, and exciting. A lot of  game reviewers also confirm this, so either the world has gone crazy or Bayonetta is, as they say, a good game. Well I could play the original Bayonetta to see what the hub-bub is, however I believe the honor of converting me into a fan is Bayonetta 2 job. Seeing how it’s a Wii U exclusive (to which I’ve haven’t played a bad Wii U only game yet) and was developed by the same people who made the first title(who also developed ‘the Wonderful 101’ & ‘Mad World’ – which are both very good as well) odds are in my (and by extension Bayonetta fans’) favor. Let’s just keep that hair suit PG guys.







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