Games & Gear of 2014 – Destiny (9/9/2014)


Where do you go after Halo? Well Bungie hopes to answer that with their upcoming creation Destiny. The game takes place on Earth where, shock of all shocks, it’s not doing so hot.  After the failed attempt to colonized space the last bastion of humanity is it one city guarded by a huge ship called ‘the Traveler’.  Despite this, humanity is still threatened by unknown alien forces and with no army for themselves to speak of their only defense is through ‘Guardians’ – humans empowered by the Traveler to defend the race. This game is definitely a FPS but I’m not sure if it’s always online or if you can even choose to play alone.  However those questions and many more will be answered the closer we get to the release, but the thing that was never in question is: will Destiny be successful because we all know the answer to that.