Mini Game Review & Walkthrough – Zombie High: Volume 4

Zombie High Vol.4

 Zombie High: Volume 5 walkthrough is ready to go!


You know people, a couple years ago when I first started down the ‘choose your own adventure’ style of gaming when I got bored one day and downloaded the free volume of Wizard Choice never did I realize that the company  who made, Delight Games (or D Light games)would become the literary Juggernaut that it is today. And even though the adventures of that Wizard who made choices is over and done with (but I hope they continue with adventure someday) it wasn’t the only book they brought us that is both a good read and challenging gameplay. In fact they been cranking out CYOA books faster than ever, between the latest chapter of Zombie High (the 4th one to date) and their new books (three in total to date) there on the track to keep fans on there feet with a new volume almost every month – good time are here again. Today though we’re talk about Zombie High: Volume 4. Last time we left of…


Spoilers: Jane Valentine, your character & ‘A’ kid of Zeta High, just uncovered a plot by smart zombies, or HFVMs in story, to overrun one of the last uninfected places of the planet with zombies and HFVM. They also tried to turn you into one of them to further their own goals, but it didn’t work, so now they’re going with ‘Plan B’ which is basically busting holes into the city and letting in a massive horde of the undead. So now you, your boyfriend Tommy Fernando (I think its official), your best friend Chase, and Sven, an A kid from another school, must coordinate a defense and fight back against a war on two fronts: the legions of mindless killers and the HFVMs who are faster, stronger,  feels less pain than you when attacked, and can use weapons. End Spoilers


Now as volumes go, this is one of the best; it’s long but not plodding, it keeps you guessing with the different direction the story will take you, and the choices are logical and requires players to keep what was said in mind before you make the correct one. Also they added a life counter in this volume, further adding to the challenges, now you can lose by dying and/or infection so make wise choices.  Zombie High: Volume 4 is free which is always a plus, but if you invest a little money and buy the D Light app, you can all the stories & volumes much quicker than normal and not deal with those annoying ads that pop up every now and again. Anywho this latest tale is a winner and I can’t wait to see where the story goes in volume 5, which at this rate, well be much sooner than late. Till then here’s the latest walkthrough – have fun.





Zombie High: Volume 4 walkthrough



  • Take control
  • Start killing
  • Continue
  • Attack w/ crowbars
  • Join zeta
  • Talk to sniper
  • Go for the rifle
  • Guard
  • On foot
  • Bank
  • Crowbars
  • Hands up
  • Negotiate
  • Do as he says
  • Make up
  • Benefit her
  • Go along
  • Squeeze
  • Attack
  • Long hatchet
  • Keep going
  • Throw
  • Shoot
  • Guard
  • Flirt
  • Kiss
  • Tracking device
  • Ditch Uzi
  • Ball pool
  • Take shot
  • Go into Starbucks
  • Whisper
  • Steal
  • Talk
  • Try to use her
  • Deal
  • Kill her
  • Olivia help
  • Mountains
  • Tie her up
  • Pretend
  • Question
  • Cut him loose
  • Reason
  • Keep walking
  • Freed
  • Another surface tribe
  • Juliet
  • Shoot
  • Hatchet
  • Speedboat
  • Getaway
  • Wreck
  • Insist