Mini Game Review & Walkthrough – Detective’s Choice: Volume 1



Detective’s Choice is one of the newest title/books from Delight Games and at first I thought it was going to be your basic post great depression  style action & adventure tale (which I would’ve been fine with), but as it turns out it delves into the Wizard’s Choice sense of mysticism as well. You play as Jack Jericho and private detective in the 1930’s who, in addition does the normal stuff a private dick does, tends to fight the occult because of his wife’s unnatural disappearance. His client, Sissy Tease, is a dancer that feels her life is in danger because her friends keep dying under unnatural circumstances. With no where left to turn she put her faith and safety in the hands of the player to protect her and find out why.  Like Wizards’ and Zombie, Detective’s Choice is a CYOA similar to there styles. You have Life, Cool, Rage, and Money counters; your choices will cause the counters to either rise or fall. Life is needed to keep alive (natch), Cool is related to actions a hard-boiled detective would do in the situation and thus add to your overall total at the end of the chapter (it’s a good thing), Rage is the opposite of Cool so it’s best not to act like a roided-up smack monkey (that’s a bad thing), and finally money, which without it, you can’t make much head way so make sure you have enough. The story itself is very interesting; you often have to have two mind sets when playing:  one part noir the other part Lord of the Rings. Just when you think once reaction will lead to a simple outcome, bam, zombies (and yes there are zombies here as well); but funny thing is it actually works here, like peanut butter and chocolate – they taste great together. Also there are legitimate parts in the story that did freak me out so that’s pretty good emersion right there. I would recommend this for all fans of D Light Games, but especially for those who missed those P.I. case tales that all but dried up in recent time. Who knows, maybe there will be a mini-revival of the genre thanks to Detective’s Choice, hey if Transformers can come back…







Detective’s Choice: Volume 1 Walkthrough





  • Cool
  • Mid-range fee
  • Clientele
  • Window
  • Pay
  • Scotch
  • Customer
  • Sissy
  • Follow
  • Window
  • Ghost of Christmas past
  • Swing
  • Sword
  • Under
  • Distraction
  • Distract
  • Keep Wheeling
  • Get sleep
  • Have sissy ask
  • Convince
  • Negotiate
  • Demand
  • Mirrors
  • Sissy running
  • Sissy kneeling
  • Dodge
  • Play it cool
  • Bluff
  • Lora Lust
  • Kick door
  • Kick and Control
  • Look
  • Kick door
  • Try taking
  • Keep talking