Mini Game Review & Walkthrough – Bionic Bikini: Part 1



Guess what fokes? Armada’s walkthrough of Bionic Bikini: Part 2 is up & ready. 


Ok fokes this next one is both short in size and scope. Bionic Bikini features another detective, Zachary Nixion Johnson, only the setting is now the far future of 2058 where the world is what you expect if the internet took over.  He has a hot fiancé, a smart aleck holographic sidekick computer, psychic assistant, and despite having a career that’s ‘obsolete’ he’s quite famous and saved the world a couple of times outside the story. This time he’s just tackling some corporate espionage with a missing employee, flying cars, killer maidroids, and pizza. So yeah this is one story/ game that you really don’t need to take seriously, have fun because the game will be no matter what you do. Not say the game doesn’t have consequences if you screw up because you’ll still die, but it’s rather hard since the game is really short. Still I had fun reading/playing this because mainly of the banter between Zach and HARV (smart aleck holographic sidekick computer). Their jabs to one another no matter the situation I found an amusing change of pace from super serious protagonists of the other D Light titles; however if you don’t like comedy over story this might not be for you.








Bionic Bikini: Part 1 Walkthrough





  • Easy question
  • Bluff
  • About the case
  • Pizza
  • Greet
  • Hold
  • Enhancement
  • Insist
  • Hum
  • Listen
  • Hit him
  • Waters shield
  • Throw gun
  • Hack Hazel
  • Hit





  1. Hi, this is the just the first part of a much larger story that gets more and more wild.

    • I’m sure. We haven’t even got to the actual Bionic Bikini until the end of the story, so we still got plenty of content to go in the next volume.

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