Mini Game Review +Walkthrough 4 U : Superhero’s Choice Vol.1




The final Delight Games (so far) is Superhero’s Choice (Vol. 1), which is a cross between Wizard’s Choice and Bionic Bikini. This story stars a faceless citizen who, by day, struggles a living as a taco food truck owner & chief. However by night (most times), she becomes the Red Revenger the shadowy (if not well known) hero of San Angelo. One of many in fact, the best of the best were the Vanquishers – however that all changes when an unknown flying craft comes and abducts the super team and thus leave the city unprotected. So now the city needs a protector and the Vanquishers need a hero, looks like this is a job for the Red Revenger! Now Superhero’s Choice is standard fare for Delight Games: various stats go up and down depending on your choices. However the setting is superheroes, which means costumes, humorous names, powers and gadgets. The Revenger is a gadget girl and all her gear requires nanotech fuel, without it she has to rely on wits and fists to win – which may not be enough at the end of the day. Also not being a daughter of a wealthy industrial family (cough-Bruce Wayne-cough) the Revenger needs money to keep up with her expenses. It is because of these two elements (fuel & money) that makes Superhero’s Choice one of the more difficult CYOA games to play through. However the story is class comic book fun and the characters come into their own, despite not being as edgy as most modern heroes. Once again Delight Games earns another pass & walkthrough at the Video Game Armada (got to be record).







Superhero’s Choice Vol.1 Walkthrough


  • Help old man
  • Pick up & run
  • Help the po-po
  • Muggers
  • Tranq-Dart
  • Warehouse district
  • Take care of Opossum
  • Be cool
  • Threaten
  • Rush
  • Jack’s money
  • Follow the Fuzz & War Frog
  • Run back
  • Meet
  • (Buy as much as you want)
  • Adder and Penny-Pincher
  • Say no
  • Follow Serpent Teen & Captain Jingo
  • Stay out
  • Tranq-Dart
  • Flying kick
  • Follow the prisoner transports
  • More fuel
  • 1 unit
  • What’s wrong
  • Tell Charilie to get on the cycle
  • Nope
  • I swear
  • Keep watching
  • Case the warehouse
  • Jump
  • Leave warehouse
  • Watch fight
  • Revenginator
  • Rescue cops
  • Sticky-Grapnel Dr. D
  • Save Dr. D



Flicks of 2014 – RoboCop (2014)


Since the Game & Gear list was a little short this year (well at least until I find out some more define release days – stay tuned) I decided to padded it out with a few upcoming films for this year that you should see. First of which is the Robocop reboot. Now I was a little concerned when I first saw what the new Robocop was going to look like, but after seeing the trailer my mind was put at ease – see for yourself.