Games & Gear of 2014 – The Order: 1886 (12/30/2014)




Hey people, so when your playing Gears of War do you say to yourself: “This is great! But I wish there was more near immortal Englishman knights using steam-punk weapons to fight terrorists and half man-half beast mutations.” Well I got great news for you, your friends at Ready At Dawn are creating in interesting new 3rd person shooter called ‘The Order: 1886’. Where it asks the question, what would happen if the human genome went alter beast on some people and they started slaughtering the rest. The answer, drink black goo that makes you live hundreds of years to kill them all. Not only that but be around when weapons technology is upgraded  so you’ll get to use neat weapons like lightening guns and phosphorus launchers (that shoot explosive clouds of death at enemies). Add to the table squad base tactics, unique characters, and a mysterious story and you got a game that will spawn many sequels over the next few years – but it begins with The Order.